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Jordan brand this month in the Nike flagship store in Chicago exhibited a air jordan 1-28 Quanhong series, makes a lot of AJ fans salivating. The foreign tennis shoes website Modern-notoriety and for us to bring in which the AJ5 as well as AJ11 physical near the reward, you quickly come to appreciate it. come home to participate in the official website of the forum dunk "levy to win NIKE ELITE basketball socks"! Every hour a pair of socks sent afraid to grab! More sports trend of consulting welcome WeChat micro-blog search: dunkhome, interactive and guessing beauty Xiaobian oh ~~source: modern-notoriety& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in April 2006, the World Federation of Sporting Goods (WFSGI, hereinafter referred to as "Association"), it will be the first step in Europe, held in Beijing, China. Reporters on the scene interviewed the Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping President of the Federation Assembly Michelle? Peiluo Ting (Michel Perraudin). & Nbsp; Reporter: Do you personally how to evaluate China's sporting goods industry, sports goods market? Michelle: I visited the China International Sporting Goods Show, largest exhibition scale, mainland China brand diversity and modernization held in Chengdu, the show gave me as much as the number of visitors left Very impressed. At the same time, a little negative, I have also found that Chinese mainland brand LOGO with foreign companies is very similar to, for example, there is just one company Adidas LOGO very similar. By 2010, China will become the world's second largest after the United States sporting goods market. So after I took office in 2004, the establishment and Asia, especially China ties and bridges, has become my goal. & Nbsp; & cheap foamposites nbsp; Reporter: As an NGO, the Federation role in the sporting goods industry in the development of what? & Nbsp; & nbsp; Michelle: the global sporting goods market, there are about 150 billion to 180 billion US dollars in size, including shoes, clothing and equipment of the three categories of products. Federation carried out mainly in the following four aspects: the right to fight for fair and free trade, oppose trade barriers, anti-dumping cases to carry out investigations; to protect intellectual property rights; maintenance of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development; on behalf of other companies with FIFA international sports organizations to lobby regulators . & Nbsp; & nbsp; Reporter: China's sporting goods companies how to share the experience of growing up in the world of sporting goods giant cheap jordans for sale s? & Nbsp; & nbsp; Michelle: In the production, the market looking for suitable partners in all aspects, marketing, Li Ning Company has proved a China (sporting goods) brand continues to grow. Brand (establish) takes time, it takes time to grow and upgrade, need some more patience. If you want to pursue profits, it can only abandon the low-end market, do the main high-end market, but it needs strong support (brand) image, product, quality, partners, and other aspects. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Reporter: Are you at the same time as a senior vice president of Adidas, how to look at Adidas in China's development? & Nbsp; & nbsp; Michelle: Adidas will take various measures for 2008 to achieve ? 1 billion in sales in China.Air Jordan 4 is definitely one of the high popularity shoes in Jordan Brand, and its tide flu is quite stable. In t cheap jordans online he sale of information released in succession, you can know that this year is Air Jordan 4 can not be missed a year. This time, a brand new color is coming back, that's Air Jordan 4, Sand". With the white sand and color, the visual effect is quite simple, some people think this is the color effect of partial oxidation of illusion, full of flavor. Unfortunately, this will be the GS version, and maybe the boy is out of luck. But don't give up until the launch date. Maybe the GS is big enough, and some guys still have a chance. It is reported that this new work will be released this summer, you are not interested to miss. Air Jordan collection Air Jordan brings Everfount surprises for us this time, in the world Wine center in Bordeaux as the inspiration for its integration into the Air Jordan XII, Air Jordan Retro XII Bordeaux to Retro jordans for sale bring you many shoes, shoes with red wine for the spindle, and suede uppers from Litchi peel mosaic build, silver metal buckle with details, finally, milk white rubber sole closure. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in October, love friends may wish to continue to focus on our report. Air Jordan Retro XII "Bordeaux" the articles and pictures are from the network, if the same, please contact the editor.Saucony Elite is a series of high quality training shoes specially designed for the Japanese market. Saucony? Elite design group series is Bodega? Saucony is designed and produced by the top material, and each style is limited to 300 double, also because it is designed specifically for the Japanese market, so the number of large size is very rare. more information about Saucony Elite, please refer to the followin Cheap air jordans for sale g link. via BodegaAlthough from Kobe 10 Elite has been on sale for a period of time, but the new color, the debut of the recent exposure, either 'RIVALRY' or China in the exposure of the pink toe version, a short period of time so many people impressed Kobe 10 elite Low, recently will offer a new 'Drill Sergeant' color, Taiwan is also expected to debut this week. Kobe is a member of the 96 echelon gold draft, at the same time, beside many comrades have left the stadium, he was on the pitch, continue to fight, showing powerful momentum, from the young to the peak period of a steady efficient means of scoring, the team will often hand and to win time, Cuilian we now see the black mamba. Although he is no longer young, in the course of time every little bit reduced, but as a player is not even a veteran in battle, leading the cheap jordan shoes for men charge, but he is still a veteran players, the stage of 'Drill Sergeant' color, as inspiration, although Kobe has been the veteran of the forest. But it is for a young player worth learning "instructor". Kobe is notoriously strict, not only for ourselves but also for his teammates, the green and bright orange collocation is also reminiscent of the MA-1 uniform coat, and his military training as the spirit of strict in demands. No matter in private is not a good friend on the pitch, no matter who you are, training or game he will play in black, serious also teach you, and this pair of color and a little special reflective effect of Nike Swoosh, as if no one saw the dark corner, or to continue to persevere in training because, this pair of shoes like Kobe will notice if you seriously at any time every hour and moment. source: Cheap air jordan 12 ovo sneakernewsThe 2002-03 season was two degrees, Michael Jordan has been a comeback of the Wizards jerseys, so he is mostly white with blue boots instead of the familiar bull style, even the 17 Plus OG also launched the "Cooper" version. The original style on November engraved debut, Jordan Brand then will bring another mining new color black and red as the main building for us, keep the heel show still remain crocodile texture for the overall texture of fabric, a lot of extra points, imagine if this year MJ people still played for the Bulls so, maybe we will see him wearing this style of play rather than 'Cooper' (laughs). The United States is due for sale in May 29th and is priced at $250. source: Shoe PalaceSingapore Limited Edt is the same brand cooperation in lion SBTG shoe for the unit, Feline refers to the animal of t cheap jordans for sale mens he cat family, this time in Reebok Instapump Fury on both sides into the king of the beasts, inspiration, in the large brown tone, there are still different texture of the shoes, on the back of SBTG unique Parsillia camouflage Pellegrini lines, then the two horsehair materials, as the brand logo adorned, in the wild and unrestrained spirit, also do not forget to give people the exquisite sense of custom-made footwear. Limited Edt x SBTG x Reebok Instapump Fury 'Feline Fury' in January 13th on the Limited Edt website and store shelves, 400 double Limited special edition box, priced 207.09 dollars, and in January 27th designated shops generally sold in the global version, in addition Limited Edt also organized special activities, then the top 50 customers to buy shoes in the store, the SBTG quantity body custom tongue details, d Retro jordans for sale etailed information to understand Edt Limited activities. SBTG founder, Mark Ong. source: Limited Edt Nike Kobe XI Elite Low 4KB 'Red Horse' in Taiwan following the first sale of stores, distributors will be listed tomorrow (6/9), NT$price: 6600 yuan, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling style and place please to store transaction mechanism the announcement. is the world intellectual movement of source: BAIT from the bench in the sixth man of the year, to nearly two or three season change of role as the Houston Rockets team leader James Harden for game and game no effort, good shooting ability and strange starting step on the unique beard styling collocation for his many fans captured the hearts of friends. Since the season officially switched to Adidas, we have been looking forward to the cooperation between the two sides is to bring out what kind of spark for each other, although still not see Harden personal signature shoes, but also by such factors, we can have a chance to enjoy his present mainly by Crazylight Boost series with the player version. A series of Crazylight Boost Nice in Kicks through foreign shoes website recently brought 2.5 share, can see the visual effect is different from the mixed knitting home court, this pair of road version only through color texture showing a unique Primeknit, and in some detail supplemented by bright silver as the ornament, strengthen the overall color level sense. source: NiceKicks.com1996, Nike launched a product called Nike Air Rift sports shoes and sandals mixture, toe design and elastic unique comfort shoes attracted a group of people, they appreciate this pair of avant-garde and some weird shoes. Air Rift design inspiration from Kenya efficient way of running barefoot runners and status, they are among the best in international competition. In order to pay tribute to the Scud, this pair of shoes is made of Kenya flag as a color, and in the Kenyan Rift Valley Province (Rift Valley) named. Kenya's unique topography, not only gives the shoe a name, the Great Rift Valley in the country, a landmark landscape as the acme of perfection also provides decisive inspiration for this pair of shoes: the front end of the shoe is wearing the thumb and One divides into two., was separated from the other toes. was born in 20th anniversary, and in return for the tribute to Air Rift, Nike returned to its original inspiration. This pair of shoes is made from Kenya beautiful fabric, the real meaning of using "design from Kenya" approach, as a tribute to the tradition. The source of this ancient technique is throughout Africa, noted for the design of spots and dots. Nike Air Rift Premium QS, will be in mid June from the designated retail outlets in Nike limited sale, Taiwan area store inquiries, please click the link. In front of the adidas Ultra Boost after several neutral tone, the new version of the recently launched is to use high saturation color to create dazzling visual effects, wear resistant rubber outsole with Boost cushioning materials complement each other, through the gradient of Primeknit after treatment with upper outline the overall distinctive sense of hierarchy, let Xiaobian feel the summer seems to have visited in advance the breath! source: HYPEBEAST